Aren’t you worried he won’t know enough..?

We've always been playing it by ear when it comes to how our children are educated in this house. School very much feels like a resource that we may or may not use as part of our kids journey in life. Currently we don't seem to need or particularly want school in our lives, but… Continue reading Aren’t you worried he won’t know enough..?


4 steps to a happier family

Well, the obvious truth is that no-one has a fool proof recipe for a happy family. We're all different and families are all so wonderfully diverse, it would be ridiculous to think that there'd be a simple list for an instant 'perfect' family. However.  I recently went to some training sessions with a lady called… Continue reading 4 steps to a happier family

Exploring Nature with Children: September

So, we have had our first month using the Exploring Nature with Children curriculum. We are loving it. I love it. It is VERY easy to use. It is very simple. You can do very little or go all out and do a tonne of related activities and this flexibility is perfect for our family.… Continue reading Exploring Nature with Children: September